Friends of White Flint

Promoting a Sustainable, Walkable and Engaging Community

P.O. Box 2761

White Flint Station

Kensington, MD 20891

Phone: 301-980-3768


JOIN the Friends of White Flint

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We would like to invite you to join the Friends of White Flint.

There are no requirements or pre-conditions for membership, and membership is open to all persons interested in the White Flint Sector Plan. It’s free. You don’t even have to agree with our Goal or Vision; our purpose is to encourage debate and discussion, leading to a better White Flint plan.

People who join the Friends of White Flint are known as “Friends.” To join as a Friend of White Flint, all you have to do is send an e-mail to Barnaby Zall at, with your name, address, preferred e-mail address, and any other information you would like to include.

 Thanks for becoming a Friend!

Barnaby Zall

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