New Article on White Flint Implementation Authority

Barnaby Zall




I was disturbed by the Gazette story and the statement that “The steering committee …has a strong consensus that some kind of mechanism for funding needs to be established”. That’s not true. All that we agreed to was that we would support an additional tax on non-residential development (I think we said 10%) and that we would support having 10% of the general tax revenue stay in the White Flint Sector. We never discussed for consensus whether or not a mechanism had to be established or whether the existing mechanisms will do the job. I would urge that all of us not speak publically for the Steering Committee. Natalie Goldberg

Barnaby Zall

Here is the consensus statement from the last Steering Committee meeting:

“Consensus that we support the concept of a dedicated funding source for infrastructure to support development in White Flint, as a self-funding instrument on the scale of the investments we are talking about.”

Barnaby Zall

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