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Promoting a Sustainable, Walkable and Engaging Community

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White Flint Station

Kensington, MD 20891

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Friends of White Flint Summary

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A member of the White Flint Steering Committee raised a question about participating in the FLOG vs. joining Friends of White Flint. Here is my response:

FoWF is a Maryland non-profit organization, which I started in September 2007. It is separate from the Planning Board’s White Flint Steering Committee. It has an all-volunteer Board of Directors consisting of Evan Goldman, Suzanne Hudson, Ken Hurdle, Greg Trimmer, and me. Evan, Suzanne and I are co-Chairs.

As explained on our website,, FoWF is dedicated to implementing the Goal and Vision adopted by the Advisory Group. As a non-governmental organization, FoWF supplements the work of the new Steering Committee in educating the public and promoting green, transit-oriented improvements in the White Flint area.

FoWF’s biggest activity at the moment is the FLOG – the Friends of White Flint Blog. You can read the FLOG without joining it, but to post or comment you will need to register. Last I checked, on some days, the FLOG gets over 60 users. You can access the FLOG through the FoWF website:, or you can bookmark it and go directly once you have read the simple Rules. Instructions for participating are listed on the website.

Anyone can join Friends of White Flint as a “Friend.” Being a Friend is different from participating in the FLOG, and registering for the FLOG does not make you a Friend. Joining as a Friend is currently free, but we may ask for contributions later. To join as a Friend, just contact me or any of the Directors. The biggest advantage of being a Friend is that your FLOG status is upgraded so a moderator does not need to approve your posts, but we extend the same courtesy to all members of the Steering Committee, whether or not they join FoWF as Friends.

Barnaby Zall

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