Fair Warning: Friends of White Flint to seek contributions

Fair Warning: Friends of White Flint to seek contributions

Friends of White Flint is a nonprofit corporation, which has been funded entirely by small personal contributions from the founders. The FoWF Board of Directors has authorized consideration of several new projects, including expanding the web-based services and information outreach we provide, which will cost significantly more than the currently tiny budget.

To date, membership in FoWF has been free; participation in the FLOG (registration, reading, posting and commenting) is separate from membership in FoWF and will remain free.

The FoWF Board of Directors, at its meeting on Feb. 19, discussed soliciting funds to fund these new projects. One likely source of funding will be those who have joined¬†and will join FoWF as “Friends.” Other community-based organizations which we are using as models, including the Clarendon Alliance (www.clarendon.org), and Rosslyn Renaissance, do seek contributions from members. Dues in the Clarendon Alliance, for example, are:

Individual Members (or family)

$ 15

Civic & Condo Associations

$ 40

Small Business (fewer than 10 employees)

$ 60

Medium Business (10-19 employees)


Large Business (20+ employees)


Regional or National Business


Property owners/Developers

Please call

Real Estate Brokers



The Clarendon Alliance also seems to solicit separate sponsorships and funding for special projects. We do have some differences from The Clarendon Alliance, however, including the fact that clarendon.org gets a significant part of its funding from government grants.

I would like to hear from you, the users of the FLOG, about dues, funding and similar matters. How should FoWF fund its future activities? You may comment on this post, or e-mail me at bzall@aol.com.  Thank you for your ideas, and for your participation on the FLOG.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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