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Posting and Commenting on the FLOG

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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An increasing number of people are joining the FLOG directly, by-passing the Rules and instructions contained on the main Friends of White Flint pages: This is easily done by “bookmarking” or “favoriting” the FLOG, and sometimes by following a Google or other search engine link. One result, however, is that some new participants miss the instruction pages. You can always access the rules and instruction pages from the main Friends of White Flint site; the most popular instruction pages also appear in the right-hand column under “Uncategorized.”

Two recurring questions:

1) I can’t log in. The most common reason for being unable to log in is that the username or password were typed in differently from your registration. Both the username and password are “case sensitive;” upper- and lower-case letters must be the same as when you registered. E.g.: “HeLLO” is different from “hello.” And spaces must similarly be the same: “Barnaby Zall” is different from “BarnabyZall.”

2) I can’t post or comment. You must register to post or comment. If you have registered before, you do not need to register again, but if you have never registered, you can only read the FLOG. Registration with the FLOG is not automatic with joining Friends of White Flint as a “Friend.” You must separately register with the FLOG; this is so you can choose your own password.

Please let me know at if you are having difficulty with the FLOG.

Thank you for your participation.

Barnaby Zall

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