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Future Plans for Friends of White Flint

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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The Board of Directors of Friends of White Flint met on March 5, following the meeting of the Montgomery County Planning Board. Among other things, the Board discussed future plans for FoWF activities.

Under these plans, FoWF will expand and improve its offerings on the Web, providing more space for studies, research, and other documents related to the White Flint planning process. In addition, FoWF plans to start a new e-newsletter focussing on White Flint planning news, something which should relieve the pressure on the FLOG to cover news.

And, perhaps most interesting, FoWF is planning a speakers series to bring some of the luminaries of modern urban planning to White Flint. White Flint is being viewed as an opportunity to showcase some of the most up-to-date concepts in urban planning, especially in an area rapidly changing from traffic-clogged suburbia to transit-oriented new urban design. Some FoWF Board members, including Evan Goldman and Greg Trimmer, have already presented on White Flint at a national urban planning conference in New Mexico, and hope to focus more national attention to the cutting-edge techniques in use in White Flint.

Stay tuned!

Of course, all these new activities will cost money, so FoWF will be seeking sponsorships and support from current and new Friends.

Barnaby Zall

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