Green Infrastructure Plan

Green Infrastructure Plan

Kevin Kline offers a proposal for a “Green Infrastructure Plan” for the White Flint area. Hat tips to MoCo Civic Federation and Friends of Rock Creek:

Green Infrastructure Master Plan Goals:

  • Identify the existing and desired contiguous network of natural areas of countywide significance;
  • Identify and recommend effective mechanisms to preserve, protect, enhance, and restore the network;
  • Support the desired development pattern identified in the county‚Äôs General Plan and facilitate smart growth;
  • Complement, guide and enhance existing plans, programs, and environmental guidelines for development
  • Realize forest protection goals;
  • Provide a planning tool to help improve water quality;
  • Increase the potential for state funding of open space preservation;
  • Streamline environmental protection recommendations for community master plans; and,
  • Facilitate a more streamlined and environmentally effective review and mitigation process for all public and private development projects

A Green Infrastructure Functional Master Plan will:

  • Provide a policy guide for development and zoning decisions;
    Enable planners to consider important natural resources when reviewing development applications, transportation plans, and park acquisition; and,
    Help guide smart growth

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