Homeless in the White Flint Area

Homeless in the White Flint Area

Many people consider White Flint a high-income area, but as Kevin Kline reports from the Randolph Civic Association meeting, there are those who are less fortunate:


Park Police Officer Sergeant Waters attended an RCA Exec meeting (3.5.09) and elaborated on homeless living in our area.  The largest homeless encampment he has ever seen was just north of RCA-land, in the woods of Parklawn Park & Parklawn (Memorial Park) cemetery.  He discovered eight men cooking a chicken stew over an open fire.  In January 2009 a 40-year old homeless man died of exposure in the woods near Veirs Mill Road and Twinbrook Parkway, among empty beer cans and malt liquor bottles. 

Several American-born homeless men were living in the woods behind the U-Haul at Randolph Rd. and Parklawn Dr.  County workers and police make them leave the woods every two months or so, but they come back.  

Montgomery County’s Health and Human Services offers several programs, services, and shelters for the homeless.   Sergeant Waters said the Park Police will start an initiative to get help for these men and get them off the streets.  Many homeless men don’t want any help – even if it’s for their own good.  However, the woods are owned by the County, and are for the recreational use of all its citizens.     

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