New Worksession Scheduled for 3/30 at 7PM

New Worksession Scheduled for 3/30 at 7PM

The Montgomery County Planning Board does much of its work on the White Flint Sector Plan during worksessions, which feature presentations on particular topics and discussions with the White Flint Steering Committee (see numerous posts below). The Planning Board is currently working through voluminous presentations by property owners and developers of the projects they envision in the new White Flint (again, see below for numerous posts). The Planning Board had hoped to finish these presentations in two worksessions, but had to end the previous session before all presentations were made. One of the largest parcels in the Sector, known as Mid-Pike Plaza, at the northwestern edge of the sector, has yet to be presented.

So the Planning Board has scheduled another worksession to try to finish up these presentations, and to hear reaction from community organizations to the development proposals. Two community organizations, Luxmanor and Garrett Park Estates, which in the past have been strenuously opposed to previous development proposals, are already scheduled to make presentations to the Planning Board. The Chairman of the Planning Board, Royce Hanson, has invited other community representatives to make presentations on their views as well. Staff has requested that materials for the presentations be made available by Tuesday, 3/24.

In deference to the working schedules of residents, the Planning Board is intending to hold the newly-scheduled session at 7PM, instead of the usual Thursday at 9AM. The session will be held in the Auditorium at 8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring.

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