Weekly Trip Generation!

Weekly Trip Generation!

For those of you who do read this part of the blog I apologize for not writing sooner.  I missed a week due to a crazy work schedule, but here is the data on my last two weeks of trip generations!

I took 29 trips between Monday 3/9 and Sunday 3/22:

 6 trips were auto associated with a vacation weekend in suburban New York and New Jersey.  Not so easy to get around without a car in suburban New York although I did manage to take NJ Transit and Metronorth in order to get to a design meeting in White Plains. 

Of the remaining 23 trips,

5 were auto: (Union Station, Kennedy Center, Grocery Store, Work on a late night day, tennis in east potomac park)

3 were car pool

15 were by foot or by metro (including work, dentist, doctor, Bethesda chamber meeting, park, dinner, dance lessons, and others…)

I will write again next week!

Evan Goldman



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