March 30th Planning Board Worksession

March 30th Planning Board Worksession

Many of the residents that I spoke with after the work session last night were encouraged that the Planning Board was taking a strong position on the creation of walkable neighborhoods and a new community around White Flint Metro. 

I do want to comment on two residents that did not have the opportunity to present their views last night because the board ran out of time.  One resident was flying to Italy first thing in the morning but stayed until 10pm to deliver a presentation in favor of the New White Flint.  Unfortunately he never had the chance to speak.  Second, a resident from Randolph Hills whose child broke a leg the day before stayed until the bitter end of the hearing only to be told that he would not be able to present.  Both of these citizens work full time and have been unable to participate until last nights hearing because the work sessions were during the day.  Both were disappointed that they did not have the chance to voice the thoughts of their communities publicly.  We have been told that the next worksession will be in the evening. 

I hope that these two are willing to return to voice their position.  It is important for the Planning Board to hear from these and the numerous other supportive residents that want to see a New White Flint sooner rather than later!   




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