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Environmental Goals Posted

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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One of the goals of the White Flint Sector Plan is to remake the area into a “green” community. Montgomery County has recently enacted new carbon footprint reduction plans, as part of a “cool counties” movement nationwide.

Previous discussions with the Montgomery County Planning Board have resulted in developers uniformly claiming that they could not comply with the new requirements, including new pervious surfaces (which let water drain through rather than running off) and tree cover (which reduces the “heat island” effect of warming concrete). The Planning Board responded, quite abruptly, that the developers and everyone else better get used to the new lower-carbon efforts, as they will not be ignored, and will strengthen in coming years. 

Tuesday’s upcoming White Flint Steering Committee meeting will discuss, among other things, environmental goals, and today the Planning Board staff released its latest presentation on environmental factors. Produced in a startling colored text on black background, the presentation walks through the new Montgomery County Code requirements and defends the new requirements. One of the slides shows carbon emissions “targets” for White Flint falling sharply to levels below current carbon emission levels.

The new presentation, in .pdf format, can be found at:

Barnaby Zall

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