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You are NOT Alone, Part 2 . . .

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A new group was announced at Monday’s Montgomery County Planning Board meeting. The White Flint Community Coalition is an organization of communities adjacent to the proposed White Flint Sector, which intends to articulate common concerns on “Compatibility with Existing Communities, Development of a Smart Core, Mobility, and Sustainability.” The three charter members who signed an announcement letter to the Planning Board are: Luxmanor Citizens Association, Garrett Park Estate — White Flint Park Citizens’ Association, and Crest of Wickford Homeowners Association. Luxmanor is west of the sector along Tilden Lane; GPE-WFE and Crest of Wickford are at the southern border of the sector, across Rockville Pike from each other.

Suzanne Hudson, Friends of White Flint Co-Chair for Residents and Community Associations, explained at the FoWF Board meeting last night that the new coalition was formed to balance the existing property owners’ organization formerly known as the White Flint Collaborative, and now renamed as the White Flint Partnership. Since the developers had an exclusive place to discuss the Plan among themselves, some of the resident associations wanted a similar opportunity.

One Planning Board staffer said to me: “All these new groups? Where are they coming from?” I pointed out that Friends of White Flint has been around since 2007. We want everybody as members.

[UPDATE:] Here’s more from today’s Gazette:

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