Staff Memo Available for Planning Board Worksession 4-30-09

Staff Memo Available for Planning Board Worksession 4-30-09

The Montgomery County Planning Board does much of its work on the White Flint Sector Plan in “worksessions” arranged around particular topics. As the Planning Board is steaming rapidly toward completing the White Flint Plan, the worksessions are growing much more densely-packed with information and topics.

The Planning staff has issued its discussion and recommendations for the Planning Board worksession on Thursday, April 30. Topics in the staff memo include parks, environment and sustainability, and renewed discussion of transportation and mobility. The parks segment is similar to that described and posted on the FLOG several weeks ago. The environment section is similar to that presented to the White Flint Steering Committee on April 14.

The transportation section is new, and includes an expanded discussion of bicycle-related topics, including attempts to “connect” the bicycle network. The section also describes a number of new roads and road alignments, some of which have been negotiated between various stakeholders.

The staff presentation also includes summaries of comments made in earlier worksessions and letters to the Board, and staff responses to the comments. Once again, the staff has chosen to use an awkward landscape format designed to induce neck-aches in readers when read on-line.

The memo can be found at:

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