Planning Board Rejects Glatting Design for the Pike

Planning Board Rejects Glatting Design for the Pike

The Montgomery Planning Board is grinding slowly through its agenda for today’s meeting, but anticipates that it won’t finish today. Chairman Hanson has proposed an additional hearing on Monday night, May 4. Topics: unresolved school issues; unresolved transportation issues. Won’t be able to deal with the environmental issues.

Dan Hardy, head of the Vision Division for the Planning Board, is currently discussing differences in plans for Rockville Pike. Asked by Cmsnr Alfandre if the staff support the private proposal, Hardy replied that they did not, that they still have problems with the private proposal. The biggest difference is moving the transit lanes into the median, which Hardy says that wouldn’t work well for circulator buses (around the sector) and getting people from east to west and vice versa. Hanson points out that BRT operates like light rail and will stop every mile or so, but you need bus service that stops at every intersection. Robinson: if you have lanes on the outside, you can use BRT and local busses. Main problem is having a dedicated lane that work well for busses that come in from adjoining communities. With a lane in the median, those busses won’t turn off. Alfandre: not sure that north-south corridor will be less served than east-west. Cryor: key word is “flexible.” Hardy: staff believes Board should support 150′ Pike right-of-way and curb lanes for transit, not private proposal by the Partnership.

Bikeway: off-road bikers have sought space. Shared-use paths on high-volume roadways that are not real retail streets. Otherwise county-wide paths are in Plan. The Promenade is a destination, so don’t want 20MPH bikes speeding along. Can be used by bikers but not to ride your bike fast. Hanson: we’re agreed on the bike system.

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