Proposed FoWF Letter to Planning Board

Proposed FoWF Letter to Planning Board

The Montgomery Planning Board’s refusal yesterday to consider the Rockville Pike redesign offered by influential transportation consulting firm Glatting-Jackson continues to roil discussion of the White Flint Sector Plan. Various organizations are staking out positions on the rejection, and the White Flint Steering Committee reportedly is nearing unanimity in opposing the rejection. The Planning Board has scheduled an additional worksession for Monday night, May 4, at 7PM to consider additional transportation options.

Friends of White Flint, which represents the largest community organizations, employers and property owners in White Flint as well as many other equally-valuable members, will likely also weigh in on the decision.

I have prepared a draft letter to the Board outlining a specific issue with the rejection of the Pike redesign. I invite your comments on the draft. The FoWF Board of Directors will likely consider this draft or some other response by Monday, so if you intend to comment, please do so immediately.

Draft Letter to Planning Board on Rockville Pike Design

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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Barnaby, thank you for drafting the letter. I agree with everything you wrote. the only thing I would add is that one of the main benefits of the Glatting section is that it is based upon the existing 120′ ROW today so that the curbs, median, street section, and the streetscape on the vast majority of the eastern portion of the road can be set in the near future and the Boulevard can be achieved regardless of the timing of land owner dedication along the Pike. The streetscape will fill in over time as the properties on the west redevelop.

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