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Action for Transit Weighs In On Glatting-Jackson Plan

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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Another organization has urged the Montgomery County Planning Board to consider the privately-prepared Glatting-Jackson redesign for Rockville Pike. The Action Committee for Transit,, told the Board that “we share the view of other citizens and business groups that Glatting Jackson’s design for Rockville Pike is superior to the recommendation of the Planning Board staff. The White Flint area would benefit immensely froma pedestrian-friendly ‘great street’ in the heart of the new urban district. For this purpose, we must exercise our creativity and move away from the suburban street designs of the past.”

Last night, the Planning Board moved back from its April 30 decision to reject the Glatting Jackson Pike design, and agreed to seek more information. But Chairman Royce Hanson pointed out that, with their schedule to move a plan to the County Council by July already pressed by the enormous workload, a decision had to be made by the May 21 Board worksession.

A copy of the Action Committee letter can be found here:

Barnaby Zall

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