New Park by White Flint Mall

New Park by White Flint Mall

Live blogging from May 7, 2009, worksession of the Montgomery County Planning Board. Live streaming video is available at

Piera Weiss, lead White Flint planner. Last week, the Board asked for more information on parks in the White Flint sector. Recommendation on taking more property from White Flint Mall and White Flint Plaza. On Monday night, the Board realigned the “ring road” to the southeast of the Mall property to avoid a 90 degree turn, but the new road runs through part of that property. As a result, the only place for the park would be on the Mall property. Approximately 3.8 acre site. Plus the Garrett Park Estate – White Flint Park letter (discussed in an earlier FLOG post) of May 4, said this could be a buffer site. Cmsnr Robinson: could we ask for part of the property? Chairman Hanson: that’s getting ahead of our discussion. Cmsnr Alfandre: we get inundated by letters like this because we’re not looking comprehensively. We need to spend time looking at the connectivity. Decisions will always come back to haunt us until we see how they all fit. Hanson: go with tentatively designating it as a park. Board agrees, tentatively, to set the parcel to the east of White Flint Mall as a new park.

The site is flat enough and large enough to host a small ball field, which is a major need in the Sector and in the county as a whole.

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