New Red Line Metro Stop – Why?

New Red Line Metro Stop – Why?

I was reading today about a MoCo Councilmember’s proposal to put a new metro station between White Flint and Grosvenor, at a cost of $250-$300 million, and I can’t help ask the inevitable question; Why??? You can read about the proposal in several news articles, including this one:

The Councilmember’s argument is the following: “A new stop would serve a very important purpose, particularly given the growth that is expected in that area as we redo White Flint from a strip mall on steroids to a new urbanism model.”I just don’t see how adding a new metro station ½ a mile away from an existing station would help relieve transit. The area between White Flint and Grosvenor is low density and there is nothing there to walk to, so I would assume that most metro riders that would use that station would have to drive to it.  Also, in the White Flint redevelopment plans, there are no developments planned south of White Flint Mall, so I don’t understand what growth needs would the new station serve? Am I missing something here?

I think that money could be much better spent in other transportation projects to relieve traffic congestion around white flint; such as: 1) Accelerating the construction at Montrose Parkway East, 2) begin the transformation of Rockville Pike conforming to Glatting-Jackson’s design, or 3) developing the network of streets that would take the load off the Pike (also in proposed in Glatting-Jackson’s design).If there really is a need to add a new metro station, wouldn’t it make more sense to put it where there already is a high density, places to go to, and near-term expected growth; such as between White Flint and Twinbrook?

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