Worksession #14 – Final Consideration of White Flint Sector Plan

Worksession #14 – Final Consideration of White Flint Sector Plan

Live-blogging from the Montgomery County Planning Board’s meeting on the White Flint Sector Plan. Live streaming video is available at

Piera Weiss, Master Planner for White Flint, opened this session by discussing her cover memo listing changes from the June version of the draft. The Regional Services Center, which is part of the County Executive’s decentralization effort, asked that providing space for a White Flint office be given density bonuses to encourage the dedication of space.  Discusses changes from Friends of White Flint recommendations.

Commissioner Presley: really appreciate when civic groups work with developers. Appreciate many hours staff put in to this beautiful plan. An exciting thing for White Flint. Robinson: thank the staff and the community and developers for the hard work in this three years’ of effort. Personal courtesy to me. Pleased with the outcome and particularly pleased with things coming together to reach reasonable accommodation between density and residents’ causes. Presley: compliments to developers as well.

Alfandre: road network. Weiss: FoWf wanted an additional road (Maple Rd. extension) in the northern portion. Staff explained that that particular road goes through three different properties, enough to be difficult to do some expensive coordination to get the proper rights of way, and Transportation staff said it wasn’t worth the effort to get the additional capacity. They have enough trouble getting the Chapman extension through today, that it won’t be worth the money. Alfandre: how about the option? Weiss: I woldn’t want to add it at this point. Let the Council do it.

Alfandre: want to compliment you on the effort. Weiss: spent many hours together. Alfandre: exhibits took tremendous time and were very helpful. Good job of including a lot of folks, not just listening, but including. Hanson: world’s largest Advisory committee. Alfandre: vision. in particular point out including the adjacent neighborhoods, including Randolph Hills. As we urbanize, we must include the adjacent neighborhoods’ needs. I attribute a lot to that one neighborhood, that didn’t pickaxe things. They go tthe vision of what we were trying to do, to turn White Flint into an urban area. With neighborhoods and diversity in it. this represents the future.

Cmsnr Cryor: Day care centers. Weiss: P. 27 uses. One of them is child care.

Hanson: praise and compliments for people who worked almost three years, both property owners and civic groups who participated in the many, many worksessions, coming up with a draft plan, and participated actively and constructively in the worksessions. Thinking about how this can transform an underused area into what could be the most important cente rin the county within the next generation. The other thing that this plan did that has been helpful is that it forced us to think about zoning and the relationship with planning in different ways than the traditional. Leading us to a much more creative approach to regulation of land use after the Plan. Challenged us and will continue to challenge us to come up with a method of implementing the Plan in a very complex environment. We have spent a lot of time to work with people in this area to think through a financing mechanism. Not quite there yet, but by the time we get to Council work sessions, we need to have that settled. A key element in making this Plan a reality is having that kind of financial mechanism in place early and not wait and depend on people to do it as they go along. One thing to emphasize is the need to nail that bit of jelly to the wall.

Robinson: one of the goals was the utilization of Rockville Pike. I understand we have  a ways to go on the CR Zone. Important that zoning be related to the objectives of the plan, and the density and height limitations stand regardless of the nature of zone. Density distribution and heights stand and the zoning will not change that. Move approval and transmission.

Hanson: I want to thank Cmsnr Robinson for all his work.

Passed unanimously.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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