ACT Offers Transit Alternative to 270 Expansion

ACT Offers Transit Alternative to 270 Expansion

The Action Committee for Transit, a Friends of White Flint member, has offered comments to the Maryland State Highway Administration on the proposed I-270 Corridor study. The letter responds to the $3.8 billion proposal approved by the Montgomery County Planning Board.

ACT proposes four alternative steps which it says could provide the same capacity for moving people through transit as the Planning Board proposal does through the 270 expansion:

  • Extend the Metro Red Line to Germantown;
  • Expand the MARC Commuter Rail service to an all-day, both directions rail transit system;
  • Redevelop Rockville Pike along the lines of the proposed Glatting Jackson cross-section along more of the Pike, not just in White Flint (note: ACT, unlike the Friends of White Flint position on the Pike, proposes light rail instead of Vehicular/Bus Rapid Transit); and
  • Build the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT) as a light rail up to Clarksburg.

ACT notes that a 2001 County study tested these alternatives and indicated that the transit ridership would be “huge.” The ACT letter can be found here:

ACT I-270 All-Transit Alternative

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