I-270 Debate Heats Up. Make Driving “Easier” or is Transit Better?

I-270 Debate Heats Up. Make Driving “Easier” or is Transit Better?

As the hot, sticky summer weather broke a bit this morning, the debate over mobility in the northern part of Montgomery County heated back up. The debate boils down to whether transit or the automobile should be the centerpiece of the project.

The big question is whether the County Council will vote, tentatively scheduled for Sept. 15,┬áto spend up to $4 billion on expansion and improvements to Interstate 270, the major highway through Montgomery County. The biggest change would be the use of “toll lanes” on 270.

Activists, including Friends of White Flint member Action Committee for Transit, told the Gazette┬áthat the same number of people can be moved through the county on transit, with a savings of up to $1 billion, while improving the roads, such as Rockville Pike, which could be made into a “boulevard like in Paris.” Councilmember George Leventhal of Takoma Park, responded that “People are going to drive and we should make it easy for them. That’s our job.”

Today’s Gazette has an article about the major players and positions.


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