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Randolph Hills Plans First Community Day

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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Randolph Hills is the largest community near White Flint, just to the east of the Sector, across the railroad tracks. For many years, the low- and moderate-income community languished in the shadow of stronger, more active neighbors to the south and west. But a few years ago, a new group of civic leaders began forging a new community spirit, leading to positions in the White Flint Advisory Group and Friends of White Flint. And county officials, including the Montgomery County Planning Board, responded to the pleas for help and the demonstration of community spirit.

Now Randolph Hills is celebrating its resurgence with a little community party. On October 17, Randolph Hills Civic Association (a member of Friends of White Flint) will hold its 2009 Community Day.

A copy of the flyer is available here: Randolph Hills Community Day 2009

Barnaby Zall

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