White Flint Town Hall

White Flint Town Hall

More than 120 White Flint residents turned out to hear Montgomery County Planning Board Chairman Royce Hanson and former Vice-Chair John Robinson discuss and answer questions about the White Flint Sector Plan at Wednesday’s White Flint Town Hall. The session went for two hours, and much of the audience stayed throughout.

The event began with a brief presentation about Friends of White Flint.  You can find a narrated, automatic version of the PowerPoint presentation (requires Microsoft Office PowerPoint software or compatible) here: Introduction to White Flint Town Hall

Dr. Hanson presented the White Flint Sector Plan for half an hour, and then Mr. Robinson opened the floor for audience questions. The questioning was civil, and wide-ranging, including questions about staging and phasing of infrastructure, school congestion and siting, new parks, bikeways, affordable housing, and most of all: traffic congestion. The Q&A went all the way up to 9PM, and probably would have gone on much longer if we’d let it.

Here are some preliminary pictures (better ones will be available later):

Dr. Royce Hanson     Paul Meyer Asking a Question 

 Questions     Audience  

     Robinson         Hanson 2

 Many thanks to all our volunteers who helped make this an interesting and informative event, including Dan Hoffman, Kevin Kline, Ed Rich, Ken Hurdle, Paul Meyer, Evan Goldman, Craig Ciekot, Dave Freishtat, and most of all to Mike Springer and his colleagues from our host, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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