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FoWF Draft Policy Statement to Council

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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Wondering why there have been few FLOG posts recently? We’ve been busy preparing a report to the Montgomery County Council on the White Flint Sector Plan.

As part of the Friends of White Flint open policy adoption process, we post our materials for public comment before finalizing them. You are welcome to comment here or to send comments to any FoWF Director (links on our web site).

 The report to the Council explains the problems in White Flint, the example of how our neighbor to the south, Arlington County, handled those problems through careful planning and design, how hundreds of County residents worked for more than three years to craft the White Flint Plan, the Plan itself, and proposes ten recommendations for improvements.

You can find the draft here: Draft White Flint Sector Plan Comments

Written comments are welcome but must be received by 5PM on Friday, Oct. 9.


Barnaby Zall

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