Friends of White Flint Criticizes County Executive’s Analysis of White Flint Sector Plan

Friends of White Flint Criticizes County Executive’s Analysis of White Flint Sector Plan

Friends of White Flint has now issued a statement criticizing the County Executive’s letter on the White Flint Sector Plan (the letter is linked and discussed a couple of posts below this one: “McDOT to White Flint: Drop Dead”).

The FoWF release begins:

On October 5, 2009, Montgomery County Executive, Isiah Leggett, sent the Council an analysis of the White Flint Sector Plan which concluded: “The White Flint Sector Plan provides the right direction for future development with its focus on existing infrastructure and use of existing impervious areas. Its vision is ambitious.” The letter can be found here: County Executive Letter.

Unfortunately, the remainder of the Executive’s comments, and the analyses provided by several County departments, were too automobile-centered. For example, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation’s way to reduce carbon emissions is to have cars drive faster. Technical Comments, P. 16. In addition, the MCDOT views Rockville Pike as only a means to move people through White Flint as swiftly as possible.

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But these specific points do not get to the overall problem with the Executive’s analysis. The choice is not between the White Flint Plan and the Executive’s Plan. The Executive has not proposed an alternative. The choice is between the carefully-crafted, balanced, and innovative White Flint Sector Plan, and the existing, car-oriented 1992 North Bethesda Master Plan.

All of the congestion which concerns the MCDOT and the Executive will likely occur under the 1992 Master Plan if we do nothing. There is no plan for handling that additional congestion absent the White Flint Sector Plan. “So,” said Friends of White Flint Co-Chair Barnaby Zall, “instead of making a walkable, transit-oriented community, they want more traffic on the Pike and more sprawl in the County. This is saying: White Flint – Drop Dead!”

The Council is faced with two alternatives: the existing sparse road grid, and the robust White Flint Sector Plan street network. Friends of White Flint believes the Council’s choice is clear: adopt the White Flint Sector Plan approach.

The media release can be found here:  FoWF Media Release on County Exec Letter

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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The County Council complains about suburban sprawl with the Gaithersburg West Plan but they are basically encouraging it white flint….doesn’t make much sense

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