Floreen Selected Over Berliner as Next Council President

Floreen Selected Over Berliner as Next Council President

Every year the Montgomery County Council selects, by majority vote, a new Council President and Vice-President. The President sets the agenda for meetings. Traditionally, the councilmember elected as Vice-President is elevated to President the next year. Not this year.

The current Council Vice-President is Roger Berliner, the representative from District 1, which includes White Flint. Berliner expected to be elected Vice-President. The topic was raised at the recent Council Town Hall in White Flint by a resident who asked why Berliner was being by-passed, and Council President Phil Andrews , from Germantown, just said, “We’re voting on December 1.”

Nancy Floreen, an At-Large Councilmember who actually lives in Garrett Park in the White Flint area, was selected. The vote was 5-4. Valerie Ervin, from District 5, was unanimously elected Vice-President.

The vote presents some interesting dynamics. Floreen and Michael Knapp, from Germantown, both serve on the Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee, which is currently working on the White Flint Sector Plan. Both voted for Floreen. Councilmember Marc Elrich, from Silver Spring, also is on the PHED Committee and voted for Berliner. Berliner participated in the PHED Committee hearings on the White Flint Plan.

Other councilmembers who voted for Floreen included Ervin, George Leventhal from Takoma Park, and Nancy Navarro, the newest councilmember, from Silver Spring. Council President Phil Andrews and Councilmember Duchy Tractenburg, who also lives in the White Flint area, voted for Berliner.

You can find a Gazette story on the vote here:


Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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