PHED Committee doesn’t quite finish the White Flint Plan

PHED Committee doesn’t quite finish the White Flint Plan

Live blogging from February 16, 2010 meeting of the Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee of the Montgomery County Council. This meeting is on the staging of implementation of the White Flint Sector Plan.

Committee staffer Glenn Orlin is going through the recommendations for changes in the Planning Board’s proposed staging. The memo can be found here: 

Orlin recommended removing the second entrance to the Metro Station. Planning Board Chair Royce Hanson said, why remove it? Plan for it. Diane Schwartz-Jones, for the County Executive, said the Executive wants the second entrance in. Michaelson: needs to be put into the funding strategy. We’re just reluctant to say that no development can move forward because something isn’t done in a specific stage. Councilmember Roger Berliner: but that would put the onus on the private sector even though we aren’t committed to doing our part. Orlin: we have as much to lose as the developers. Revenue from these developments far exceeds the costs. Berliner: we’ve done that before. Michaelson: staging doesn’t require the government to do anything. It just prevents private development from moving forward. Floreen: this county has been finding ways to not do things, over and over again. Every year I have lists of what’s not done. We’re trying to move into the future.

Orlin: you don’t want to hamstring future Councils. Not the project that’s most important, it’s getting the result.

Floreen: this Plan is predicated about sense of place. It’s not about mode share, but a sustainable community. Michaelson: any project we thought was related to sense of place we kept in. Any project we thought was related to mode share split, we suggested taking out. Orlin: some of these things aren’t important for sense of place, but some are. Hanson: it’s important.

Orlin: In Phase 3, P. 4 of memo. Deleting the MARC station from the requirements doesn’t mean won’t have a station. You haven’t made a decision. Berliner: now communities have come together on the Nicholson court location. Orlin: there is a letter saying that Randolph Hills and Garrett Park have agreed on the MARC station location. Berliner: we should do that now.

Michaelson: Stage 4. all of the testing was based on the first three phases, so we see no need for a fourth phase. We see no need for it. the Plan goes to Council next week. another work session the week after that. This is the last Committee work session on this Plan.

Knapp: we can make a final decision after the financing meeting (Feb. 23). That way we’ll have the financing piece more in hand. And the Committee adjourned the session.

News Alert: The Council is not ready to continue the Gaithersburg West Plan next week, so it looks likely that the Council will do the CR Zone next Tuesday. That might delay the PHED Committee hearing on White Flint somewhat, but it’s still on the agenda for a luncheon meeting.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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