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Draft FoWF Letter on Needed Improvements in WF Plan

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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It is the policy of Friends of White Flint to request public comment on public policy statements. The FoWF Board, in its meeting on February 26, 2010, unanimously approved sending a letter to the Montgomery County Council thanking the Council and the PHED Committee for incorporating many of the FoWF recommendations from our October 09 Report to the Council on the Plan. The letter should also point out the few remaining improvements recommended in the Report which the Council could adopt.

Here is a draft of that letter: Draft Council Ltr on WFSP

Comments on the letter are welcome, but MUST BE RECEIVED by 11:30AM on Monday, March 1. You may post comments here, or send them to me directly at

One comment already received is that the letter should also include the prior FoWF recommendations that the Council not use intersection-speed-related traffic tests, such as LATR and PAMR in a pedestrian-friendly White Flint.

Barnaby Zall

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