Mike Springer Unopposed for FoWF Board of Directors Business Class Seat

Mike Springer Unopposed for FoWF Board of Directors Business Class Seat

Michael L. Springer is the representative to the Friends of White Flint from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He hosted last year’s White Flint Town Hall meeting at the NRC auditorium.

Mike Springer at FoWF White Flint Town Hall Meeting

Mike currently serves as a member of the FoWF Board, representing the Business class of members, and his term expires this year. He is the only nominee for the open Business class seat. Since he is unopposed for the nomination, there will be no circulation of ballots to Business members for this year’s election.

He wrote in his nomination statement:

I am a re-employed annuitant of the NRC. As Director of NRC’s headquarters consolidation at White Flint, I served on the Executive Committee of the original Transportation Action Partnership (TAP) and was a member of the County-sponsored task force to develop recommendations for what became the North Bethesda Transportation Management District (TMD). I also served on the advisory committee to the TMD after its formation.

I represented NRC on the 1994 North Bethesda-Garrett Park Master Plan Citiens Advisory Committee. In 2006, upon my return to the NRC as a re-employed annuitant, I volunteered and served on the White Flint Sector Plan Advisory Committee until it was dissolved in 2008.

In April 2009, I joined the Board of Directors of the Friends of White Flint. I hope to continue on the Board to represent the more than 3,000 employees of NRC who live and work in the White Flint Sector. I fully support the goals embodied in the Plan for a sustainable, walkable and engaging community.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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