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Preview: Montgomery County Council Considers White Flint Sector Plan

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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The Montgomery County Council will vote on final approval for the White Flint Sector Plan at its morning meeting today. The Plan, four years in the making, is intended to create a walkable, sustainable, transit-oriented urban community in White Flint, replacing acres of asphalt, miles of overhead wires, and blocks of strip shopping malls. The Plan is New Urbanism in design, placing higher density at the Metro station, with lower densities further out, and clustering public amenities in a “core” area near the existing Conference Center and Wall Park. There will be a new Civic Green park in the “core” area, anchoring a pair of pedestrian “promenades,” running north-south along Rockville Pike and east-west along a new Market Street. Rockville Pike itself is destined to be a new “boulevard” with transit either in a new median or along the curb lanes (depending on the results of a county-wide study currently underway). Many new streets throughout the area will be tied into a new “grid” of streets intended to take the pressure off the Pike, while easing pedestrian traffic. And a new zoning pattern will encourage the development of community amenities.

A March 2 “straw vote” of the Council was unanimous in favor of the Plan. The Council schedule offers only a few minutes for consideration of the formal adoption resolution, indicating an expectation that the discussion will be brief and positive. County Cable Channel 6 should offer live coverage of the consideration.


Barnaby Zall

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