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FoWF Residents’ Board Seat Election Very Close

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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The Board of Directors of Friends of White Flint is evenly divided among residents, businesses and property owners. Every year, each class elects one Board member. This year’s contest for the Residents’ seat is between Todd Lewers, from the Forum Condominium, and Paul Meyer, from the Wisconsin Condominium. Pictures and nominees’ statements can be found here:

Ballots have been coming in for a week, and the contest is very close. The lead has switched between Lewers and Meyer three times, and neither has led by more than one vote during the week’s voting.

Only residents and community association members of Friends of White Flint can vote, and all registered members should have received ballots by e-mail. Signed ballots must be RECEIVED by e-mail or snail mail on or before Monday, April 19. If you believe you’re a Residents member of FoWF and have NOT received a ballot, please let me know: Final results will be announced at the FoWF Annual Meeting, Monday, April 26, at 4:30PM.

I urge all Resident and Community Association members to vote in this important election. This is one of those few times when YOUR ballot may make the difference in an election.

Barnaby Zall

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