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The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission wasn’t kidding when it warned White Flint residents about noise from its construction of the “Bi-County Water Tunnel,” and it’s starting today. The Bi-County Tunnel will provide water to Prince Georges County, and will run from I-270 and Tuckerman Lane to Connecticut Ave. and the Beltway. The main local entrance is off Tuckerman Lane, but one entrance is off Old Club Road in the Old Farm neighborhood in White Flint. See P. 3 of the WSSC .pdf file. This tunnel will be used to extract the gigantic tunnelling machine from 200 feet underground.

So this morning, starting at 7AM, and mingling with the school busses and the early-morning lawn services, there was a deep, grinding roar, mixed with the shriek of disintegrating rocks, echoing through Old Farm from this:

WSSC Bulldozer

Sounded like something cinema sound wizard Ben Burtt would have designed for the Star Wars Death Star. Right next to the houses at the end of the street. And did I mention it was at 7AM?

But I’m sure the rest of the construction equipment WSSC plans to use will be much, much quieter. And will start later in the day.

Barnaby Zall

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