How Popular is the FLOG?

How Popular is the FLOG?

Recently the Planning Board held a session on the growing role of blogs in planning and public outreach, and the consensus of the participants was that blogs are an active part of many communities, including in Montgomery County.

Maryland Politics Watch, is one of the most-read blogs in Maryland, and it likes to keep track of the blogging environment. Periodically, it publishes statistics on the number of visitors to 45 different Maryland blogs. Here is the latest available count, through April 2010.

Collectively, the 45 Maryland blogs tracked by MPW had over 629,000 visitors in early 2010, up 29% from the same period in 2009. The biggest readership was for MPW itself, with 139,000. The most popular “local news” blog was Inside Charm City in Baltimore with over 70,000 readers. The most popular Montgomery County local news blog was  Dan Reed’s Just Up the Pike, which covers East County and Silver Spring, with more than 54,000 readers, up 76% in a year.

MPW only tracks blogs that publish their readership statistics. Although the FLOG always reports our data at Friends of White Flint Board meetings and sometimes publicly releases data, we don’t regularly publish our readership or page view statistics. We’re an all-volunteer operation, and no one wants the responsibility of integrating the data from our three different web site statistic programs.

But over the holiday weekend, I took a look at the main counter and checked it against the MPW list. For the period January-April 2010, the FLOG had 68,485 readers, up about 913% from 2009. That number is low, because it doesn’t include some of our sites, which are picked up on other counters.


Many thanks to our loyal readers.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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