Berliner: “NO” to taxes on current WF residents

Berliner: “NO” to taxes on current WF residents

Taxing Current Residents of White Flint is Not the Answer

Although I still do not know what County Executive’s proposed financing plan will look like when it comes over to the Council for our review, one thing is certain:

I cannot and will not support a plan that taxes the current residents of White Flint.

A robust financing plan is necessary if we are to ensure that the needed infrastructure in White Flint is built in a timely, reliable manner. However, this plan must not come at the expense of the approximately 2,000 current residents — people who live in places like The Forum ((note:  the surrounding older residential neighborhoods like Luxmanor and Garrett Park Estates outside the proposed development district are totally unaffected by the County Executive’s proposal).

Taxing the current residents was never part of the public conversation surrounding the White Flint Sector Plan and doing so would, in my view, break faith with our residents.

Roger Berliner
Councilmember, District 1

Barnaby Zall


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This should be a question that you should ask EACH AND EVERY Council Candidate – will they come out this unequivocally??? There is a great deal of” angst” that both civic advocates AND commercial interests are aligned on this point – but who is willing to to go “on-record”. Note that the Financing Plan proposed this week (week of 7/ 19) finds it perfectly acceptable to replace “hard-scape” bike lanes on Nebel with striping – is this what the WABA testified in favor of?? – And even if so, has the bycicle community been consulted on whether the financing assumptions about adequacy of bikeways is realistic? ( If you doubt this, ride down Tilden Ln and judge for yourself if our southwen bikeway is adequate or effective…”.

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