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Reminder: Self-Nominations for Advisory Group Due 8/13

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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Just a reminder: nominations are due this Friday, August 13, for the White Flint Sector Plan Advisory Committee. This is the new group called for in the White Flint Sector Plan to advise the Montgomery County Planning Department. The Planning Department expects to nominate up to 18 individuals, including residents, property owners, and representatives of civic, advocacy and community organizations. The Advisory Group will meet at least quarterly, and applicants are expected to commit to two years’ service.

Ken Hurdle in charette

(Meeting of the original White Flint Advisory Group) 

Self-nominations, not to exceed 500 words, highlighting “your interest, background, expertise and any other qualification that will ensure the successful implementation of the White Flint Sector Plan,” may be sent by e-mail or regular mail. or Chairman, Montgomery County Planning Board, 8787 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20910. Questions can be directed to Nkosi Yearwood (who has staffed the White Flint Sector Plan for several years) at or 301-495-1332. Additional letters of support can also be sent.

Some observers have suggested that applicants must represent organizations, but that is not part of the application announcement. In addition, some opponents of the Plan have been soliciting support for appointment, but it’s unclear whether they could meet the announcement’s requirement of providing advice “that will ensure the successful implementation of the” Plan; it’s more likely that opponents will moderate their views at this juncture, and claim only to want a successful Plan.

Barnaby Zall

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