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White Flint Plan Wins Another Award

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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Lat year, the White Flint Sector Plan, with its mix of pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented, sustainable development, won the top award in its category in Maryland. Now it’s won the same honor on a regional level.

The National Capitol Area Chapter of the American Planning Association has awarded its top prize for “Outstanding Neighborhood or Small Area Plan” to the White Flint Sector Plan. A big reason for the recognition is the huge community outreach and participation in the planning process. Friends of White Flint submitted a ten-page description of the public involvement in the process as part of the awards evaluation process.

The awards ceremony is Oct. 26, the same night as the Montgomery County Council’s public hearing on infrastructure financing for the Plan. More information here.

Congratulations to lead planners Piera Weiss, Nkosi Yearwood, and Rollin Stanley, the Planning Board, and everyone who worked to make the Plan worthy of this award!

Barnaby Zall

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