Why Does George Leventhal Hate White Flint??

Why Does George Leventhal Hate White Flint??

At last week’s County Council hearing on Development Coordination Bill 1-10, Councilmember-at-Large George Leventhal was vociferous in his opposition to legislation providing for a central point-of-contact for large-scale projects such as White Flint (or the Gaithersburg Science Corridor, or????).  His stated objection was that “what makes White Flint special???”.

Serious followers of the FLOG and the entire Master Plan process understand that the redevelopment plans for the White Flint Sector are both innovative and forward-thinking – but involve cross-departmental coordination and a willingness to reach beyond narrow agency org charts and artificial boundaries to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders from business, civic and governmental interests. The business and civic co9mmunities are willing to “think outside the box” – why isn’t Councilmember Leventhal?

[Della Stolsworth]



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