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Staff Package for Final Council Action on White Flint Financing

Posted on by Barnaby Zall

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Tomorrow at 2:45PM, the Montgomery County Council is expected to finish its consideration of the financing plan for infrastructure to implement the White Flint Sector Plan. At its meeting last week, the Council worked through most of the staff recommendations for changes to the County Executive’s proposal.

Montgomery County Council

The Council staff, which had disputed significant portions of the Executive’s analysis, has prepared a final package of materials implementing the Council’s November 23 decisions, and discussing three remaining questions: a) exempting four existing apartment buildings (earlier, the Council had agreed to exempt condominium buildings) from new taxes; b) denying tax credits for those who pay the new development district taxes; and c) “the Council must adopt a financing plan, with certain questions answered, before the special taxing district can be required to repay funds advanced by the County.” This last point is actually much less broad than the wording suggests: this is the requirement that specific information be provided before the County will advance funds for certain infrastructure.

The Council will meet in the Council office building in Rockville.

Barnaby Zall

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