Recycling Lights Up Whitman Parking Lot

Recycling Lights Up Whitman Parking Lot

Cold. Rain. Redskins going down against Tampa Bay. Not a lot of publicity.

All the elements were there for an epic fail when Montgomery County and Bethesda Green teamed up for an electronics recycling day on Sunday.

So here’s just a little of the constant traffic in the Whitman High School parking lot about an hour and a half into the four-hour event:

Electronics Recycling Day 12-12-10

That’s a full semi-trailer full of stuff, plus a dozen or more massive boxes full of recycled electronics of all types. Plus there were shrink-wrapped pallets of old-style CRT computer monitors, hundreds of old analog TVs, and a constant parade of cars pulling in to drop off more.

Give people an option to be sustainable, and they’ll try.

 Kudos to the Montgomery County Dept. of Solid Waste Services and to Bethesda Green,, for making this a holiday event.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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