What Would YOU Do?

What Would YOU Do?

With the approval of the White Flint Sector Plan and the first, tentative steps on the long path to a walkable, sustainable, transit-oriented community, the Friends of White Flint Board of Directors has decided to revamp its on-line offerings.

Friends of White Flint’s main goal is to provide information to the White Flint community. FoWF offers several web-sites, including the FLOG (what you’re reading now), a main site, and special sites for White Flint Town Hall meetings. Hundreds of people visit these sites every day, with just about 50,000 “page views” each month on average. FoWF policy presentations are generally offered for public comment on one or more of these sites, and usually attract hundreds of readers and dozens of (mostly helpful) comments.


Some of these changes are driven by unfortunate security concerns, but the Board wants to provide more information to the community about the ongoing revitalization of White Flint.  We will likely reduce the amount of information about the White Flint Sector Plan development and approval process (which provides interesting historical background, but we have limited space on-line).

Some of our design concepts include a gallery of proposed projects, including those in the “sketch plan” process of public outreach and comment, a listing of meetings and events, and a description of the existing and planned White Flint.

What would YOU like to see on the FoWF site?

  • Community bulletin boards/discussion groups?
  • More pictures and photo essays?
  • Business directories?
  • Ads for local businesses and organizations?
  • Maps?
  • Videos?
  • “Tags” or more structure on the FLOG?
  • Anything else?

Please let us know, by sending an e-mail to BZall@friendsofwhiteflint.org, or by commenting here. If you are registered to comment on the FLOG already, you may click “comment” below and enter your comment. If you are NOT already registered, new security rules require you to request registration by sending an e-mail to BZall@friendsofwhiteflint.org; please include in your e-mail your full name, e-mail address, any appropriate organizational affiliation, and a “user name” to appear with your comment.

We will likely begin making changes early next year.

Thanks to all our loyal readers, and we’d love to hear from you.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall




Some suggestions:

– An updated project library with the current status of each project would be great. Some of the projects have site plans (Mid-Pike Plaza, North Bethesda Gateway, etc.) with MNCPPC and it would be helpful to have all of them posted in a centralized area.

– More information on transportation-related improvements – especially the transformation of Rockville Pike.

– A “wikimapia”-style map of White Flint with each proposed development outlined for ease-of-reference.


There is a vacant forested piece of property on the Northwest corner of Montrose Pkwy @ Hoya St. Does anyone know if this is part of the White Flint sector plan, and any news of what might be developed? I remember seeing signs posted around the property that an office building was to be built…

Barnaby Zall

Early on in the development of the WF Plan, that section was discussed. If I remember correctly, it is owned by Willco, whose big new building is just across 270 in Parc Potomac, and is likely to be part of White Flint II when and if the Planning Board ever gets around to that second phase of the planning process for the area.
Barnaby Zall


I agree with Jaytor’s first comment about updating the project library, also FOWF should look into getting a facebook page up to reach out to younger people who have no idea whats happening in that area.

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