Draft Letter to City of Rockville on Pike Plans

Draft Letter to City of Rockville on Pike Plans

Friends of White Flint uses an open public comment process on its policy positions. At its February 16 Board of Directors meeting, the FoWF Board decided to send a letter to the City of Rockville encouraging the City to make its portion of Rockville Pike compatible with the White Flint section.


The City of Rockville began to plan its renovation of Rockville Pike several years before the White Flint Sector Plan was finished. Rockville hired the same engineering and design firm that Friends of White Flint used to plan its renovations, but the outcome was different. Rockville is planning on having its transit vehicles operate in the outside lanes of the Pike, while Friends of White Flint is looking for a center median transitway.

Center Median Transitway Plan

The FoWF letter explains our position, the advantages we see in a center median transitway, and asks Rockville to consider the intersection between the two areas.

You can find a copy of the draft letter here: Draft Letter to City of Rockville

Comments are welcome on this letter, or on the Friends of White Flint policy position.

All comments must be RECEIVED by 5PM, Friday, March 4, 2011. You can send comments to bzall@friendsofwhiteflint.org, or you may post them as comments here. All comments will be read and considered, but given the quick turnaround time, individual replies should not be expected.

Thank you for your participation.

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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