Do You Know Our WalkScore?

Do You Know Our WalkScore?

On, visitors are encouraged to live where they can get around in a healthy way – by walking!  There are broad benefits to getting out of your car, including lower weight and healthier bodies, cleaner air from reduced emissions and less money spent on gas and maintenance.

In an effort to guide home-seekers toward more compact and walkable neighborhoods, WalkScore developed an algorithm to calculate walkability based on the distances to various amenities. Cities, towns and neighborhoods are assigned a “score” ranging from 0 (car-dependent/nearly all errands require a car) to 100 (walker’s paradise/daily errands do not require a car).  In a ranking of large cities, Washington ranks seventh in the nation on walkability, with a score of 73.2.  Boston and San Francisco top the list.  By comparison, Rockville has a WalkScore of 59 and Bethesda has a WalkScore of 50, both rated as Somewhat Walkable.   White Flint doesn’t have its own listing (yet), but I was surprised to see North Bethesda with a hearty score of 58 – also Somewhat Walkable.

How do you think White Flint could get you out of your car?  What would make you more likely to walk?  Come tell us tomorrow, Tuesday January 29th, at our first Happy Hour!  We’ll be at Seasons 52 at 5:30pm.

Lindsay Hoffman


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