All Ages Seeking Local Walkable Neighborhoods

All Ages Seeking Local Walkable Neighborhoods

I’ve written before about how mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods benefit all age groups, but now we’re seeing these trends exemplified closer to home.  Last month, the Washington Examiner published a piece on how the principles of New Urbanism serve community members throughout the lifespan.  Both young professionals and downsizing Boomers are seeking compact, centralized housing. Proximity to Metro and other transit options is a priority for daily commuters, as well as for those beyond their driving years.  And, everyone wants to live close to the action – a short walk from movie theaters, restaurants and other amenities.

It’s the diversity of these communities that enrich residents, leading to more engaging and energized neighborhoods.  That’s what we’re working for here in White Flint.

Read the full Examiner piece here:

Lindsay Hoffman


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