Rent Your Car With RelayRides

Rent Your Car With RelayRides

We’re all about walkability and promoting transit use, but we also know that there are some times when you just need a car. However, you can help White Flint become more sustainable and build our community by renting your car to (or from) your neighbors using RelayRides.

RelayRides connects car owners with local people who need (or want) access to a private vehicle for a short amount of time. It’s a win-win-win – renters only have to pay for a vehicle when they really need it, owners can make a few extra dollars and everyone helps save the environment! (Yes, there will still be emissions from the vehicle, but the idea is to have fewer cars on the road. Plus, resources are saved when fewer cars are manufactured). Fewer cars on the road will also help relieve some of the traffic congestion our area is so well known for. In addition to linking car owners with potential renters, RelayRides covers important trust and safety issues, like insurance, for both parties.

There are currently a few cars for rent in and around the White Flint area. Check out the RelayRides website and read this interview with RelayRides CEO Andre Haddad to learn more.

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