Minutes of the February 21, 2013, FoWF Annual/Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of the February 21, 2013, FoWF Annual/Board of Directors Meeting

*** These minutes were unanimously approved by the FoWF Board of Directors on May 23, 2013  ***



2013 Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting

February 21, 2013, 7pm

The JBG Companies, 4445 Willard Avenue, Suite 400, Chevy Chase

The Friends of White Flint (FoWF) Annual Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm at the offices of The JBG Companies. The agenda was prepared by Lindsay Hoffman. Present were Directors Barnaby Zall, David Freishtat, Suzanne Hudson, Ken Hurdle, Greg Trimmer and Mike Smith.  Tommy Mann was present as proxy for Evan Goldman.  A quorum was present.  Lindsay Hoffman and Corey Flynn, staff from Friends of White Flint were in attendance. Also present were guests and members Chris Hopkins, Howard Feldman, Rob Eisigner, Sara Rosen (Office of Congressman Van Hollen), Geordan Harris, Dee Metz, Peggy Schwartz, Jean McEwen, Paul Meyer, and Vince Burke.  Not present were directors Mike Springer and Todd Lewers.


Report on 2012 in White Flint
** After a welcome and introductions, the meeting began with various reports on White Flint in 2012.  Tommy Mann of Federal Realty reported that Pike and Rose broke ground in July, and is actively being leased. Construction is going well on Phase One.  Two buildings will start being visible shortly and the residential high rise begins construction next month.  A site plan was submitted in December of 2012 for Phase Two, which is seven buildings. This phase includes the hotel and park, as well as 300 units of residential and retail.

** Mike Smith reported that LCOR has wrapped up construction on the NRC tower, which may require reconfiguration to meet NRC’s expanding workforce.  LCOR has broken ground on the Aurora, a 341-unit residential building due to deliver in 2014.

** Vince Burke from BF Saul reported that they have acquired the parcel right next to the Staples property (presently a Chinese restaurant site) to round out that corner at Nicholson and Rockville Pike.

** Geordan Harris reported that JBG has leased the rest of its space in North Bethesda 1.  Starbucks and CVS have opened.  The last restaurant to open will be a Latin rum bar with outdoor seating, expected in time for summer.  Phase Two’s site plan was approved early last year and JBG hopes to break ground this year.

** ProMark, in partnership with Foulger-Pratt, is developing multifamily residential units.  They are hoping to break ground with phase one in 2014-2015.  They acquired a piece of property on the corner of Nebel and Marinelli but are still in the very beginning phases of figuring out what is to be done with that section of land.

** Dee Metz, the White Flint Implementation Coordinator, reported that the State took five months to approve the proposed intersection layout.  She is working with the State now on how to better streamline this process for the future.  Once we have 30% of the design approved, we can achieve better cost estimates.  The county is also working on creating a Nighttime Economy Task Force which would address ways to enhance the County’s offerings after dark.  Dee also noted that the population is aging, and we are losing the young demographic.  We should be looking into retail staying open later as well as restaurants to appeal to the younger demographic. Dee also reported that the property at the intersection of Nebel and Old Georgetown Road is no longer being developed by Archstone and Montouri is seeking a new developer.  She concluded by noting that White Flint recently won the Maryland Sustainable Growth Award.


Report on Friends of White Flint in 2012 and Looking Ahead to 2013 in White Flint

** Lindsay reported that Friends of White Flint was, essentially, on hiatus for much of 2012.  The last half of the year was spent rebuilding image for FoWF.  We believe that FoWF remains important and relevant for many reasons.  Although the sector plan has passed, each landowner now faces an approval process and we will collaborate to ensure that each piece is approved smoothly and fits with the multi-use, pedestrian friendly image for the area.  There are also advocacy needs when it comes to infrastructure, transportation and transit funding.  FoWF can generate energy around that.  Finally, White Flint II is about to start the planning process and FoWF wants to be as instrumental in that process as we were in the original.

** The new website for FoWF was launched in December 2012, and there have been 2780 visitors to the site. We have utilized social media as well. Facebook and Twitter pages have been created for FoWF, and we are currently working to increase followership for both accounts. We are open to ideas for the website and blog. Dan Reed posts a substantive piece each week, and there are smaller posts each day on current events or New Urbanism around the world.  There is a plan to add an extra page for resources on New Urbanism and sector plan background which is expected for delivery in the next few weeks.  Connections with people in organizations of business owners, developers, residents, and property owners for current events would be appreciated.
** FoWF has experienced a great amount of media coverage. The Gazette wrote a piece about FoWF, and we were featured in a front page article in the Sunday Washington Post.

** FoWF cohosted a Happy Hour in January with The Coalition for Smarter Growth.  Ther was a great turnout and we are hoping to have more events.  The next one is expected to be co-hosted with Bethesda Green. We are also hoping to host a daytime event at Whole Foods, which would be a showcase of sorts for community members who are available during the day.

** FoWF is working on building their members. We will start a membership drive in March to previous members and those who are new to area. They would be grateful for contacts and more investment from business owners.

Nomination Process for Board of Directors

Description of Board and Process:  Barnaby Zall explained that the board is made up of 9 people- three residents, three business owners, and 3 property owners/developers, and each serve a three year term. There has been an election each year with exception of 2012. Members and representatives of members in good standing can be nominated. Non-voting associated members cannot serve. People can nominate themselves, and nominees must fill out a form for nomination. Only persons from that group can vote for a nominee for the group. There are currently four forms filled out and three open seats.

Opening for nominations:  The three seats that are up for nominations are Suzanne Hudson (residents),  Barnaby Zall (business), and Evan Goldman (property owner/developer).
Reading of Nominations Submitted in Advance:  Suzanne Hudson, Barnaby Zall, Evan Goldman and Francine Waters have all submitted nominations.
Acceptance of Nominations from the Floor:  The one resident nominee was Suzanne Hudson. There were no other nominations. Nominations were closed for residents.  The one business nominee was Barnaby Zall. There were no other nominations.  Nominations were closed for business.  The two property owner/developer nominees were Francine Waters and Evan Goldman.  There were no other nominations. Nominations were closed for property owner/developers.
All nominees were accepted by the floor
Making of nominee statements: The statements of Francine Waters and Evan Goldman were read.
Nominations were closed.


Lindsay Hoffman adjourned the Annual Meeting at 7:47pm.


Board of Directors Meeting

 The Friends of White Flint (FoWF) Board of Directors Meeting was called to order at 7:48pm.  All attendees present at the Annual Meeting remained for the Board of Directors Meeting.  A quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes from November 8th, 2012 Meeting

** The minutes from the November 2012 meeting were discussed. Barnaby moved that we approve minutes as accurate. David Freishtat seconded. Unanimously approved.

 Report from Annual Meeting

** Barnaby provided a brief recap of the Annual Meeting which had concluded moments before and was comprised of the same attendee list.

Treasurer’s Report

** Greg Trimmer offered the Treasurer Report. We have seven paid members – two business owners and five landowners. The account balance for FoWF is currently $31,000. Chevy Chase Land Company is in the process of joining and LCOR is getting paid up. Profit and Loss Details were distributed by Greg Trimmer.

** Barnaby Zall provided a background on finances. We are developing into a more professional structure. We raised dues, made other changes, and many members in prior years who have not paid dues in 2012 will be coming in this year. The number of new payments is higher than in 2012.

** Greg Trimmer added that through efforts this year, we have increased membership and outreach. He suggested the possibility of getting funding from the county. Barnaby countered that is we get funding from the county, we may not be able to be as vocal about decisions.

** Lindsay Hoffman went over what the finances cover, such as paying FoWF staff whose duties include building membership, working on website, the planning and holding of events, public education and outreach.  We plan on taking the framework of FoWF to the next level, and our goal is for the community to be excited and engaged about the changes happening in White Flint.


Election of Directors

** The first nominee for residential members was Suzanne Hudson.  Ken Hurdle moved, David Frieshtat seconded.  Unanimously approved.

** The second nominee for business owners was Barnaby Zull. Suzanne Hudson moved, Greg Trimmer seconded.  Unanimously approved.

** The nominees for property owners and developers were Francine Waters and Evan Goldman.  Evan Goldman’s and Francine Water’s nominations statements were read. Discussion ensued on how to proceed.  Suggestions included expanding the board and asking Evan and Francine to split the position.  Both nominees are excellent representatives and partners and FoWF is honored that both are willing to serve.  Mike Smith moved to elect Evan Goldman to the position; Greg Trimmer seconded and it was unanimously approved.

** The new directors were immediately seated.


Election of New Officers

** Barnaby Zall introduced the need to elect officers. There will be one co chair for each group.  David Frieshtat nominated Suzanne Hudson as co-chair for residents.  Barnaby Zall seconded.  Unanimous approval.  David Frieshtat nominated Barnaby Zall as co-chair for business members.  Ken Hurdle seconded.  Unanimous approval.  Suzanne Hudson nominated Evan Goldman as co-chair for PO/D.  David Frieshtat seconded.  Unanimous approval.

** For Secretary, Barnaby moved to conditionally re-elect Todd Lewers.  Suzanne seconded.  Unanimously approved.

** For Treasurer, Barnaby moved to re-elect Greg Trimmer.  David Frieshtat seconded.  Unanimously approved.

** The new officers were immediately seated.


Membership Update

** Lindsay Hoffman offered an annual meeting membership update.   It was stated that this is a main area of focus for March 2013.


Resolution Amending By-Laws to Clarify Directors’ Holdover Terms

** Barnaby Zall presented a resolution to amend the FoWF By-Laws so that Directors will maintain their position until a new Director is elected to fill the role.  Because there were no elections last year, the customary rotation of Directors has been impacted and this change will prevent vacancies.  Barnaby moved to amend this bylaw, Greg Trimmer seconded.  Unanimously approved.


Other Matters

** Greg Trimmer address the issue of attracting federal funding for infrastructure and rapid transit and asked for the assistance of Congressman Van Hollen’s Office, via Sara Rosen.  Greg provided some background on the issues and many promised to be in touch on the subject.  Sara reminded the Board of the power of numbers and voices.


Lindsay Hoffman adjourned the Board of Directors meeting at 8:38 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Corey Flynn

Secretary pro tem

Friends of White Flint

February 21, 2013

Lindsay Hoffman


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