Sweet and Trendy: sweetFrog is in White Flint

Sweet and Trendy: sweetFrog is in White Flint

Frozen yogurt, or froyo, shops are popping up around the country – and on Rockville Pike! You can enjoy delicious (and relatively healthy) yogurt and customized toppings in a bright environment with funky décor at the sweetFrog in White Flint!

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Last week I sat down with Darshan, the owner of the sweetFrog franchise in White Flint, which just opened in November. Our conversation ranged from flavors and toppings to development and community involvement.

sweetFrog flavors

In case you haven’t been yet, sweetFrog is a self-serve international frozen yogurt company. It’s pretty simple – you just grab a cup and GO FOR IT! You can pick any or all of the 14 flavors listed above their respective handles. You have your typical vanilla, chocolate and strawberry options, but also a wealth of more unconventional flavors, like oreo cheesecake, peanut butter and red velvet (the sweetFrog menu page boasts an impressive 75 flavors). Darshan explained that he keeps about half of the flavors, particularly the more traditional ones, constant, while changing the other half every few weeks or months depending on how they are selling. He also makes sure that there are a variety of options so that everyone can enjoy: nonfat, no sugar added, dairy-free and gluten-free (and often combinations of these) flavors are available. As if those weren’t enough options, you put on as much or as little of any toppings you want! A wide variety of fruit, candy, syrups, cookie and cake bits, even cereals and mochi are there for the adding.

sweetFrog toppings

Why White Flint? Darshan says that he and the corporate owner of sweetFrog chose their location on the Pike because it is close to so many neighborhoods and people, particularly families (the company’s target market). Additionally, he knew that more development was coming; the entire area is getting a “facelift,” he says, which will be good for business. Darshan says he looks forward to welcoming more people the store as the area develops and gets even more exposure.

As sweetFrog is relatively new to the area, Darshan is interested in becoming more involved in the local community. He is looking to partner with schools and sports teams in the area to sponsor fundraisers, or perhaps even discount cards to students who come in with good report cards. Darshan also mentioned possibly working with other organizations, such as senior living facilities.

Is your mouth watering yet? Whether you are skeptical about the froyo craze or have been to every shop in the DC area, you can check out the White Flint sweetFrog (Address: 11520-H Rockville Pike; across from Staples) this Thursday, March 14th between 6 and 9pm and get 25% off your purchase when you use the code word FRIENDS! (Just tell the cashier!). See you then!

P.S. – want even more froyo? On March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) you will get 20% off your purchase at sweetFrog if you wear green!

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