Notes from the White Flint Sector Plan Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting, March 11, 2013

Notes from the White Flint Sector Plan Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting, March 11, 2013

The White Flint Implementation Advisory Committee met again this past Monday, March 11th at Wall Local Park/Shriver Aquatic Center. As you may have read already, the majority of the meeting was focused on a State Highway Administration presentation concerning Montrose Parkway East (we’ll have even more on that in an upcoming article). In the meantime, here are some other updates from the meeting:

  • The previously proposed development on the Montouri property (at the intersection of Old Gerogetown and Nebel) is no longer moving forward. As we mentioned before, Archstone was recently purchased by Equity Residential and AvalonBay.
  • The North Bethesda Gateway sketch plan will have an amendment, specifically the JWW property at Huff Court and Nicholson Lane
  • Gables Residential will be at the next Advisory Committee meeting with a sketch plan for their property (at the corner of Old Georgetown and Executive)
  • White Flint Implementation Coordinator Dee Metz reported that the County Executive has sent names for the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee over to the County Council for approval. Additionally, the County is working with the State Highway Administration to purchase property at the corner of Montrose Parkway and Rockville Pike. The County hopes to have a fire and police sub-station (possibly a full service police station) on that site.
  • A monitoring report from the Planning department to the Council and Executive is due this spring. N’kosi Yearwood of the Planning department explained that planning staff is already working on this, looking at many CIP (Capital Improvements Program) projects, including
    • Realignment of Executive Boulevard and Old Georgetown Road
    • White Flint District East
    • White Flint traffic analysis and mitigation (what’s happening both internally in White Flint and in surrounding communities).

The White Flint Implementation Advisory Committee meets the second Monday of every month at 7pm and the public is welcome to attend.  Learn more at:

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