Things to consider when you’re stuck in your car

Things to consider when you’re stuck in your car

We’ve posted before about how per capita vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) in the United States has been decreasing (here is another article that also explains this trend with some excellent visuals, one of which is posted below).


US VMT projections


Nevertheless, despite these trends that say people are driving less, we’re still fighting for quality transit in White Flint (and the rest of the county). The concern about increased traffic, especially in a place with anticipated development like White Flint is valid. However, as it has been illustrated over (and over) again, adding capacity for cars doesn’t relieve congestion, it actually makes it worse.


cycle of automobile dependency

(c) Todd Litman, 2013. “Smart Congestion Relief – Comprehensive Analysis of Traffic Congestion Costs and Congestion Reduction Benefits”. Victoria Transport Policy Institute.

Building miles and miles of road for cars hasn’t worked before. Why would it work in White Flint now? Simply put, if we want less traffic, we shouldn’t invite more cars on the road.

Amy Donin


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