More funding for transit in Maryland

More funding for transit in Maryland

The Maryland Senate passed the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act of 2013/gas tax last Friday. While we will pay more at the pump, this money will help support much needed transit projects around our area, such as the Purple Line.

Interestingly, the Atlantic Cities reported a few weeks ago that transit ridership decreased in many places where funding measures for transit failed to pass. This correlation isn’t totally surprising; transit systems that have fewer dollars to work with may have to cut back service, or find other ways to support their services such as increasing fares.

As we reported last week, our region has the worst traffic in the country, and if we don’t place more emphasis on transit, we will continue to be stuck in increasingly bad traffic. Additionally, everyone on the road benefits from increased transit ridership, including those in cars. Funding transit projects now is an investment in the future.

Amy Donin


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